We have never give up through the tough times of COVID 19 . Each week we have set challenge and we became achievers . Well done to all that never lost the faith.
European Champions
Jana Gee – kata
Jana Gee – kumite
Dimitri Georgiou- kumite
Sophie Schirrmacher – kumite
Michiaya Gee – kumite
Stephanie Wright – Girls team kumite,
Michiaya Gee – Girls team kumite
Olivia Hobbs Girls- team kumite

Martin Marshall – kumite 
Matthew Reynolds- kata
Ourson Beavis – kumite
Sophie Schirrmacher – kata
Olivia Hobbs – kumite
Michiaya Gee – kata

Ourson Beavis – kata
Matthew Reynolds – kumite
Maya Gee – kumite
Connie Wells – kumite
Arianna East – kumite
Connie Wells- kata
Olivia Hobbs – kata
Maya Gee – Team Kata
Sam Goss- Team Kata
Sophie Schirrmacher – Team Kata
Dimitri Gerogiou – Boys Team Kumite
Sam Goss – Boys Team Kumite
Matthew Reynolds -Boys Team Kumite
Olivia Hoobs – Girls Team Kata
Arianna East – Girls Team Kata
Michiaya Gee- Girls Team Kata

15 Competitors travelled to represent United Kingdom at the JSKA European Championships in Cyprus.

15 Competitors received 22 medals. Team started with their first medal from our Sensei Martin Marshall and then there was nothing in the way to stop them. Our ‘TOKON’ Fighting spirit was out.

Congratulations Michiaya, your hard work has paid off. Welcome to the world of karate- Today your journey begins.

It has been 10 years since Michiaya joined our team. At the 2019 European Championships Michiaya passed her 1st Dan under high rank of our incredible JSKA Shihankai.

After years of hard work and commitment, Connie Wells was chosen to lead United Kingdom at the European Champions 2019.

She held our flag in pride and represented our extremely successful team.

Aileen and David are our most dedicated students since our Academy opened the doors .

Today they graded to their 1st Dan and I couldn’t be more proud. It has been an incredible journey and I am so excited to be by them through all our hard sessions, competitions and more amazing times.

Congratulations. You deserve it in every way.

Today we celebrate the struggle not the triumph.


Our new students from Christchurch Tokon Shotokan Academy achieved their first step towards our journey.


Incredible morning with Tokon from Surrey. Well done to all the students for such a great focus and team spirit.

We are so excited to welcome our new members onto our team and we can not wait for this new adventure.

I would like to say a huge well done to our amazing team. We gained so much experience, so many medals, so many memories.

I was extremely proud of our teams discipline, attitude and team building.