Japanese Shotokan Karate Association (JSKA)and it’s dojo’s have all instructors fully licensed, qualified and CRB checked.

JSKA UK aims to provide the best training to suit everybody’s needs. This will be achieved by development of students, teaching them all the aspects of karate. This in turn will increase their fitness levels, stamina, confidence and body strength as well as learning control through regular disciplined lessons, training camps and courses with world recognized Japanese instructors.

Karate classes are designed for all ages, from beginners to advanced. In every class we learn the basic punches, blocks, kicks as well as the advanced techniques for those more experienced.

We aim to guide the students through regular gradings and disciplined classes with lots of karate games, which helps your children to practice techniques in a fun way.

So far we have had great success in teaching children the basics (kihon), which even black belts practice in their lessons. Basic punches, blocks and kicks help the students to get more comfortable with the art of karate and non-contact sparring helps them to build up their confidence.  Fun endurance exercises helps to improve their strength and stretching helps to improve their flexibility, balance and coordination. Learning basic sequences (kata) not only conditions their brains but gets them prepared for fighting in the future (kumite). Learning small Japanese words, counting and memorising the rules of karate makes the students more aware of a different language and the true fighters mind.

COVID 19 Superhero's

We have never give up through the tough times of COVID 19 . Each week we have set challenge and we became achievers . Well done to all that never lost the faith.

European Champions 2019

European ChampionsJana Gee - kataJana Gee - kumiteDimitri Georgiou- kumiteSophie Schirrmacher - kumiteMichiaya Gee - kumite Stephanie Wright - Girls team kumite,Michiaya Gee - Girls team kumiteOlivia Hobbs Girls- team kumiteSilver🥈Martin…

New Shodan- Michiaya Gee

Congratulations Michiaya, your hard work has paid off. Welcome to the world of karate- Today your journey begins. It has been 10 years since Michiaya joined our team. At the 2019 European Championships Michiaya passed her 1st Dan under…

UK Team Leader - Connie Wells

After years of hard work and commitment, Connie Wells was chosen to lead United Kingdom at the European Champions 2019. She held our flag in pride and represented our extremely successful team.

10 Years of hard Training paid off

Aileen and David are our most dedicated students since our Academy opened the doors . Today they graded to their 1st Dan and I couldn't be more proud. It has been an incredible journey and I am so excited to be by them through all our hard…

Great success at our May Grading

Today we celebrate the struggle not the triumph.

No longer white belts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-mf9UFRTgQ   Our new students from Christchurch Tokon Shotokan Academy achieved their first step towards our journey.


https://youtu.be/V82jmRI4RMI   Incredible morning with Tokon from Surrey. Well done to all the students for such a great focus and team spirit.

Our Big Success- Dojo is Open for all

We are so excited to welcome our new members onto our team and we can not wait for this new adventure.

Seek perfection of character

To be faithful

Respect others

To endeavour

Refrain from violent behaviour

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