European Champions
Jana Gee – kata
Jana Gee – kumite
Dimitri Georgiou- kumite
Sophie Schirrmacher – kumite
Michiaya Gee – kumite
Stephanie Wright – Girls team kumite,
Michiaya Gee – Girls team kumite
Olivia Hobbs Girls- team kumite

Martin Marshall – kumite 
Matthew Reynolds- kata
Ourson Beavis – kumite
Sophie Schirrmacher – kata
Olivia Hobbs – kumite
Michiaya Gee – kata

Ourson Beavis – kata
Matthew Reynolds – kumite
Maya Gee – kumite
Connie Wells – kumite
Arianna East – kumite
Connie Wells- kata
Olivia Hobbs – kata
Maya Gee – Team Kata
Sam Goss- Team Kata
Sophie Schirrmacher – Team Kata
Dimitri Gerogiou – Boys Team Kumite
Sam Goss – Boys Team Kumite
Matthew Reynolds -Boys Team Kumite
Olivia Hoobs – Girls Team Kata
Arianna East – Girls Team Kata
Michiaya Gee- Girls Team Kata

15 Competitors travelled to represent United Kingdom at the JSKA European Championships in Cyprus.

15 Competitors received 22 medals. Team started with their first medal from our Sensei Martin Marshall and then there was nothing in the way to stop them. Our ‘TOKON’ Fighting spirit was out.

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