Entries by Jana Gee

JSKA UK Grading 2018

Our wonderful team, did us proud again. After a morning seminar focusing on hips and power of core and stability, we put our team under pressure. Our fighting spirit was with us through the entire grading, huge level of improvement, focus and concentration made our morning a huge success. Go team

Black Belt ceremony 2018

10 years have just paid off. I couldn’t be more happy, emotional and proud to present our new 1st Dan’s. Andrew Denbigh Connie Wells Arianna East Olivia Hobbs They started with us 10 years ago as little tiny superhero’s. Today they have entered the new level of karate. New journey will begin now with many […]

2017 Christmas Party and Tokon Shotokan Karate Championships

Once again we had fun and more fun. After our successful and very well prepared ceremony we began the day with Tokon Championships. All students showed extremely amazing discipline and love for karate. We all had tears in our eyes full of pride. Andrew Denbigh and Maya Gee where our top students of the year […]

Paintballing 2017

Our Squad team mastered the painballing experience in a full combat gear. There were more bruises then ever, but the fighting spirit won the day.

JSKA UK Championships 2018

Over 700 entries arrived on this very special day. We would like to thank you all for this incredible support. Thank you for sharing our passion and love for karate with JSKA UK.